February 1, 2010

Prints Please

Today Kohl and I made a discovery at work. There is an upstairs storage room that extends the length of the store (so it's huge) and we found a little entryway about 2ft by 2ft....and inside was a desk and chair with a dusty pair of shoes on it. It was something out of a horror movie, you know, a creepy upstairs room in the attic thats haunted. We would have taken pics, but we booked it out of there (not because we were scared mind you, but we didn't want to get caught. That's the official story anyway).

I decided to be a little playful and girly in my outfit today. The pics aren't that great, but my leopard print cardigan went great with my thrifted skirt. I threw in the fishnet stockings to keep things interesting. There are some people who are hesitant to mix and match prints, so here are my tips when it comes to doing so:

1. Make sure the prints you are mixing compliment each other; they should flow together, not cause a distraction. Good prints to mix are florals with animal prints, polka dots with florals, florals with stripes (florals mix really well with lots of prints!). However, you don't want to mix an ikat print with another ikat print, or else it will be too busy.
2. Try to keep the colors similar or matching. Don't pair a bright orange floral with a red polka dot.
3. Keep accessories minimal so as to not compete with the outfit. Stockings are good, but don't also do a crazy print stocking along with lots of other prints.
4. Don't be afraid to experiment! If you haven't tried mixing prints, start slowly with something simple at first then work your way up to wilder prints.

The more you mix and match, the more you will start seeing what works together and what doesn't. It's kinda trial by error. What you think might go together others may not agree with and vice versa. But overall, if you are comfortable enough to wear it, then go for it!