February 14, 2010

Oh Cupid... You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

So for those who are not bitter at the thought of a holiday wherein lovers pronounce their affections with gifts of flowers and sweet confections, how is everyone's playing out so far? Fabulous, I hope. As for mine, my failure to plan any romantic festivities was due to my hectic work schedule and my laziness to be creative and romantic. So to make the best of things, we decided last minute to drive to a casino (us Asians love those slots....but Mike's not Asian) and try our hand there. Hey, if we couldn't be romantic, maybe we could leave rich. But I dream. We forgot the fact that I no longer have a drivers license as a form of ID (I could go into a big spiel about how I had it revoked under mysterious circumstances; however, the truth is I lost it...I know, boring, right?) so I was forced to carry my birth certificate, Social Security card, and Sam's Club (like a Costco card) with my picture on it as proof of my identity. Turns out, we didn't need any of it since we sneaked in a back entrance. After driving over an hour, we decided we didn't want to have to drive back later, so as luck would have it, the previously sold out hotel had a cancellation three minutes before our arrival, so we snagged it. Surprisingly, the room was bigger and more appealing than some of the grand hotels in Reno or Vegas. Not too shabby. However, the casino was disappointing. No matter how much money we played, none of the machines wanted to fork over any winnings. Stingy bastards. But it was all in good fun. Woke up this morning and had the breakfast buffet which consisted of (my plate) Eggs Benedict, sausage, bacon, green beans, one egg rolls, a biscuit, and finished off with ice cream. I'm sure mothers everywhere are cringing at the thought.

Anyhow, this post is going on too long. Sorry I've been MIA in the fashion department lately; blame my 5 am schedule which required me to wake at 3:30...try to be fashionable then and dress in the dark. Not happening. But tomorrow's a new day and with it will come new photos!

I want to hear how everyone else's V day is going, so comment back. In the meantime, I'll leave you with my latest yearnings from Seychelles. Ready for Spring! Oh, and Im still looking for the perfect pair of oxfords, so if you spot some, send me the link!