May 7, 2012

Still Alive and Kicking

The Vision Shades- $145 at TNEMRODA

Quickie post here- um, how rad are these shades? I need these, like, NOW. For the past couple months or so I've been wrapped in a 90's/gothic nostalgic haze, resulting in watching My So-Called Life (Rayanne Graff would be the coolest friend to  hang with), The Craft, Jawbreaker, etc. and revisiting my love of dark lipstick and messy dual buns (which I sported, along with pigtails, all throughout high school, sometimes with ribbons and flowers, etc). So these shades would fit in nicely, I think. If only I had an extra $145 to blow. Story of my life. 

Okay, so I know you're all wondering where I up and disappeared to, right? Wish I had some crazy story about being kidnapped or something equally entertaining (and less scary, actually), but the sad truth is that I haven't been anywhere. I just needed a break, I guess. Totally unplanned. Long time readers will know that I suffer from depression; well, at random times that depression gets the better of me and I end up in a void and shut out everything around me. That's where I've been- clawing my way out of the black hole I dug myself into. I know that sounds all dark and gloomy, but actually it's not as bad as it sounds, I'm being a bit over dramatic. Basically, I just lost all motivation and got really down. I've had trouble staying motivated and focused for quite some time now- turns out I have ADD, which I suspected and was finally diagnosed with, which makes a lot of sense to me now, looking back. Most people think of hyperactive kids with behavior problems when they hear ADD- and while that can be true- there's also other categories and symptoms involved. There's a lot of information on the web for those who are curious. Anyway, I was put on medication to help my symptoms and after a few days things seemed like they were getting better. But now I'm sick, of all things, which totally ruined our weekend trip to Reno.

So yeah, exciting stuff, right? I'm hoping that when this sickness blows over I'll be back to my normal, hilarious self. I apologize to those whom I haven't responded to  yet on Formpspring/emails, etc. I will get to them, I promise! Now back to bed. . . I really don't even know what I just wrote or if it make sense.