In a Nutshell

I'm the stereotypical fashion obsessed wife and mother living in a small town where fashion is a foreign concept. This blog is my creative outlet to share, inspire and meet other like minded individuals. It mainly consists of my personal style posts; over the years I have worked to develop my individual style, which I like to describe as a "smorgasboard"- meaning I will and do wear just about anything and everything I like, whether it's currently in trend or not, and I like to play with different looks. One day I may be girly in chiffon in heels, next day leather and studs (my personal favorites). I believe fashion is about taking risks and experimenting and not being afraid to try something new- after all, it should be fun above all else.

My passions include shoes, thrift stores, vintage anything, classic cars and motorcycles, interior design and  home decor,  tattoos, art, reading, photography, cooking and DIY projects, to name a few.

Thanks for visiting- I hope you find something you enjoy and which inspires you!