February 22, 2010

Mother Nature, You Fickle Fiend

So I've been mentioning lately how happy I was that it was finally getting warm. Then I checked the weather and it's going to rain all week and it was freezing today. Mother Nature has too much control in my opinion.

Here we are back to Monday again. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. As I mentioned earlier, my twin sister came to visit me and, true to form, we spend our time together shopping. I must say that after 6 hours of driving, enduring the bustle of crazed shoppers on a mission and dealing with a wailing two year old, the day fared pretty well. We pined over the expensive and unattainable designer goods, then made our way to Crossroads where I hit the jackpot. There are those who may turn up there nose at the thought of wearing someone else's cast off clothing, but I for one take great pride and pleasure in finding deals, whether or not they are secondhand (and believe me, I do find the deals..I have a shoppers nose like a greyhound). Here are some pics from the trip:

The adorable little boy is my nephew Aden.

So no outfit pics today. It was a cute oufit, but the pics came out terrible because it was too dark outside. But I'm sure I'll wear it again so you can see it.

On another note, I have not forgotten about the giveaway. I just have to get it together first. I will be having a contest soon, so keep your eyes out for that.