February 5, 2010

Paging Ms. Bettie

So guess who was named "employee of the month"? That's right, all my hard work is finally getting noticed. Of course, now the pressure's on even more, because I was also made the Lead Visual recently. But it's cool though to be appreciated and noticed. No post yesterday; for some reason I was really grumpy and totally not fashionable. I'm actually ashamed at how un-stylish I was yesterday...the same day that everyone else decided to dress super cute. Maybe it's the weather, but lately it's been bringing me down. Sooo ready for spring already! I'm not usually one for pastels (I mean, I think they're pretty, but I usually go for bold colors, or black) but recently I find myself oohing and aahing over all the gorgeous pastel shades I see- champagne, yellow, mint green, pale pink, etc. My wardrobe has been infused with many of these shades lately. I just need to get around to wearing them. Which I would if this freaking rain would stop!

Anyhow, I previously did a post about a giveaway I was planning once I reached 50 followers. But since I am so impatient I failed to realize how long it could take and February could be well over before that happens, which would ruin my Valentines giveaway theme. Granted, the prize wouldn't be distributed until well after V Day, but I wanted a red theme. So I will still be doing a theme, but I will be changing the amount of followers to 35. But I need everyone's help! Share this link with your friends, followers, neighbors, strangers, Twitter, Facebook, etc. C'mon guys, who doesn't want a chance to win an awesome prize?