February 5, 2010

Stripper Heels

That's what my new shoes look like. They're about 5" tall too, which means I had to take tiny baby steps. Unfortunately, I am not one of those women who can walk gracefully in heels; no, I usually teeter on the edge of falling over and making an ass of myself. But no pain, no gain, right?

Ugh. I am so unbelievably tired right now. Could not sleep at all last night! I think I got maybe an hour and a half. So went to work and made coffee. Someone left a cup of sugar by the coffeepot which Kohl and I dumped generously into our own coffee cups. Went to take a big gulp of my freshly brewed cup o' joe and nearly vomited. Turns out it was SALT, not SUGAR!! Absolutely disgusting. I still shudder at the memory of the taste. So no coffee and spent the day trying to balance in my patent leather killers on top of a ladder....verrrry good. Anyhow, everyone loved them though.... and the best part is, they were only $15 at Ross. Yes, that's right, I'm a Ross whore.

To finish the day off, I was outside smoking and a truck with three guys pulls up and starts talking to me. The driver is making some motion over his face which I thought he was trying to tell me I had something on it. Nope. As I asked him to repeat himself, this is what he said (I kid you not): "Hey did you rub a whole tub of beautiful cream on your face? I'm just saying...damn".
Wow. I couldn't even respond. Where do guys come up with this stuff? And when does it actually work on women? Flattering yes, but also slightly pathetic.

Ok, time to wrap this up so I can go crash and get some long needed zzzz's. One last note: this outfit is my entry in the BuyDefinition IT Girl Contest sponsored by Chictopia.com. First place winner gets their photo and an interview on BD's site, along with a gift card. Wish me luck! And if you haven't already, you can join me on Chictopia, which is a fabulous and addicting place to socialize with other fashionable people, get tips, chat about fashion, etc. Check it out and find me there! :)