February 25, 2010

Electric Shock

I'm really into this rich and vibrant blue lately. I think it absolutely gorgeous. This blouse if from Forever 21 and it was a sample, so I got it for $4! We are having a sale on all kinds of samples (two rings for $2, pants for $5, etc, I'm in heaven). The shoes are fairly comfortable considering their height, but after 7 hours walking you start to feel it.

In an earlier post I mentioned that the visual team (myself, Kohl, Ashely, Alison and Tatiana, the newest addition) were going to style our store manager for a big conference she has today. So yesterday (during work, which was awesome!) we pulled a rack full of outfits for her to try on. She is normally very conservative, but she wanted to go out of the box, because the most creative and best dressed person at the conference wins some sort of prize. So we went all out. She had on sexy dresses, caged heels, a nautical inspired outfit, a vintage inspired outfit, etc. We had such a hard time picking a winner, but in the end we decided to go with Kohls choice- a black one shoulder tiered dress, with an oversize gray shirt underneath which had black leather and studs on the arms, studded heels, an diamond and black Maltese cross brooch with chains, silver cuffs and a silver clutch with a long chain. She looked amazing! Futuristic, edgy, sexy and young. I really hope she wins. I'm so proud of Kohl, he did a great job! I wish I could put the pics of her on here, but she absolutely forbade me to do so! But I'll let you know if she wins. And I finally got the stuff for the giveaway, just have to pick a winner now. I know, I've taken forever on this, sorry! I'm going to have a new contest for March, but I'll explain later, I have to go to work. Have a great day everyone!