March 30, 2010

Some Girls Have all the Luck

Devon Aoki- my girl crush.... she is stunning in an unconventional way. Wish I had her features, especially her mouth and hair.

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March 29, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Today was a pretty decent day considering it was a Monday (I usually loathe Mondays). I wore this great little cardigan with fur trim that I absolutely love. It was originally only $12.99, but when I went to the register it was marked down to $8.99. So excited when I get deals even cheaper! I also wore these over the knee socks from Target that I am infatuated with; the only downside is that they slide down quite often, so that I am constantly adjusting them throughout the day. Oh well. Just got back from eating tacos and drinking beer with friends, perfect way to end the day. Planning on having a contest soon (will probably post details tomorrow if time permits) so be sure to check back soon! Also, if you haven't already, please don't forget to vote for me for LVCMag's "Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway"! Voting ends March 30th, so please hurry! My profile name is Suzy Pilaczynski. Thanks for the support!

p.s. sorry for the funky photos, it was another hellishly windy day, so had to make do with bedroom shots, and the lighting is really not photo quality :)

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March 26, 2010

LVCMag Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway Finalist!

I finally have an outfit to post! It felt nice to actually be able to pick out an outfit today, since all week I've been looking like a bum since I've been working graveyard shifts. I was able to wear these awesome leggings (another sample- $2!) which I am totally in love with and want to wear with everything. Kohl decided to be edgy today, and wore this shoulder...thing. It was very fashion forward, but prompted many people to ask if he had broken his arm, much to his annoyance. Ahhh...some people just don't understand fashion. We wanted a cool picture, but were limited on spots at work, so we chose the shipping dock and he hopped on a rolling rack. I think it ended being a kinda cool shot, after I edited it, of course.

Exciting news! I just found out I'm one of ten finalists for LVCMag's "Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway"! Apparently I have been for awhile, but no one told me! PLEASE vote for me at LVCMag! I appreciate your support! Voting ends March 30th so hurry before it's too late.

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March 25, 2010


Thanks so much to the lovely Project Vee of Cassiopeia for this blog award! Be sure to check out her blog, she's awesome!

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It's in the Bag

I apologize for the lack of posts lately... as I noted in earlier posts, we are finishing up our Spring floorset, so I have been working midnight shifts all week. When I get home, I've been so exhausted that I've gone straight to bed and slept all day until it's time to go to work again. But luckily that's over for now! Well, until six weeks passes, then I have to do it again, ugh. Anyhow, I've missed doing outfit posts, so tomorrow I should definitely have one. Didn't see much point posting what I wore to work this week, since it mostly consisted of sweats! I so did not look fashionable.

Moving on. I have some new additions which I would like to add to the blog. One is a DIY section, one is a Designer Spotlight, wherein I highlight the background of different designers, and I would like to have a blogger spotlight as well. I'm open to any suggestions you readers may also have. Is there anything you would like to see on here? Feel free to comment or email me with suggestions.

Lastly, Jenna of The Petite Blogger has bag tagged me, so here's what I carry around with me (I should say what I lug around with me, my purse is usually bulging and heavy):

Guess purse, Fendi glasses, mini tripod, truck keys, pads (just in case), Special K snack bar (for the flavor, not because I'm healthy, LOL), makeup bag, MAC concealer and foundation, Maybelline and Revlon lipstick, foundation brush, combo foundation/concealer brush, Prestige liquid eyeliner, Elizabeth Arden lip gloss, Hello Kitty card holder (gift from sis), cell phone, Marlboro cigarettes and lighter (I know, I know!), cheap sunglasses (I always break or lose them, so I buy cheap now), Ipod Touch, Dove deodorant (I sweat a lot, haha), hand lotion and dental rinse (hotel toiletries, I always take them!).

Believe it or not, this is actually clean and light for me....usually I also have a ton of crumpled receipts and paper, a book, gum and whatever else I can cram into it.

Now I have to tag 5 other ladies, so here are my picks:

  1. Sophia of Kechiko
  2. Ulrika of The Red Rosette
  3. Glendy of Style Amor
  4. Nathalie of Accessory Pirate
  5. Project Vee of Cassiopeia
C'mon girls, show us your baggage!

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March 20, 2010

Diabetically Sweet

Vogue UK March 2010

All she's missing is a stick of cotton candy and a giant rainbow swirled lollipop and she'd be all set.

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March 18, 2010

Gone with the Wind

I was excited when I checked the weather this morning and saw that it was going to be a perfect 79 degrees. I decided to dress for the weather in a resort inspired outfit (although people kept telling me I looked like a flight attendant or like I worked on a cruise ship, haha!). The scarf is actually a halter top with the string removed that I found at a thrift store. So my pictures started out nicely. Until the wind decided to start blowing at around 20mph. I heard about a severe wind alert, but thought it was further south. Apparently it wasn't. Oh well, at least I'll have a nice windblown look, I thought. More like tornado strewn look!

nice little breeze, not too bad

getting a little more breezier, but still nice

okay, starting to pick up more

umm, getting kinda windy now!

almost choked on my scarf, I mean halter

clearly I am not amused and it's time to wrap up before I'm tossed to the winds

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