February 27, 2010


what's the craziest thing you've ever done? :)

crazy- haha or crazy- white straightjacket :) honestly, i am not that over the top...im slightly boring, lol. so i guess the craziest things i've done is getting my eyebrow pierced... getting a tattoo...or probably rappelling down a 100 story cave with nothing but a harness..that was pretty crazy, but an amazing experience!

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February 26, 2010


In high school, were you a rebel or a good girl :p ?

Great question! Actually I was somewhere in between I guess. I wasn't a goody two shoes by any means, but I didn't act out. I just mostly slacked off and skipped a lot...I guess I would lean more towards the rebel side though over the good girl :)

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February 25, 2010

Denim Couture

I had to style the mannequins for our denim section at work. Since I didn't want to do a basic jeans-and-top ensemble, I decided to be creative and construct outfits entirely out of denim jeans.

This one was supposed to be a dress with rosettes in front. Unfortunately, after hours of working on an intricate pleated skirt, the creation collapsed due to the weight. Since I was tired and my fingers were bleeding from continuously pricking my fingers with pins, I gave up and threw a skirt on her. But I'm still pleased with how she turned out.

The one below is my pride and joy. This one took even longer, and I am extremely proud of how it turned out. The pants pockets are supposed to appear as a decorative hem of the skirt (I tried to stuff the skirt to pouf more, but the stuffing wouldn't stay in place. The pictures don't do this justice- it's really amazing in person, and I am actually surprised this came from me today, considering I was extremely tired and not in the creative mood (which is why I have no outfit post today). I can't wait for my store manager to see this, she'll be impressed.

The Lucky Winner Is...

I finally got around to putting together the giveaway prize.....and the winner is Jesa of Wearable Dreams. Congratulations Jesa! She won some spring inspired goodies that I picked out from Forever 21 (I work there and have been busy, so it was convenient to get the gifts from there :)
She has three days to contact me with her shipping address. If she does not respond I will pick another winner. The results were determined randomly from Random.org. This giveaway was sponsored and paid by solely by me.

The prize consisted of a set of four scented votive candles, two pairs of earrings, lip gloss, socks, a wallet and a pink scarf. Nothing major, but just cute little things to get prepared for Spring.

I have more to talk about, but it's getting late and I have some stuff to take care of, so I will post again later, but I have another giveaway planned, so stay tuned. Actually, it's a contest, so I hope you are all game for a little competition!

Electric Shock

I'm really into this rich and vibrant blue lately. I think it absolutely gorgeous. This blouse if from Forever 21 and it was a sample, so I got it for $4! We are having a sale on all kinds of samples (two rings for $2, pants for $5, etc, I'm in heaven). The shoes are fairly comfortable considering their height, but after 7 hours walking you start to feel it.

In an earlier post I mentioned that the visual team (myself, Kohl, Ashely, Alison and Tatiana, the newest addition) were going to style our store manager for a big conference she has today. So yesterday (during work, which was awesome!) we pulled a rack full of outfits for her to try on. She is normally very conservative, but she wanted to go out of the box, because the most creative and best dressed person at the conference wins some sort of prize. So we went all out. She had on sexy dresses, caged heels, a nautical inspired outfit, a vintage inspired outfit, etc. We had such a hard time picking a winner, but in the end we decided to go with Kohls choice- a black one shoulder tiered dress, with an oversize gray shirt underneath which had black leather and studs on the arms, studded heels, an diamond and black Maltese cross brooch with chains, silver cuffs and a silver clutch with a long chain. She looked amazing! Futuristic, edgy, sexy and young. I really hope she wins. I'm so proud of Kohl, he did a great job! I wish I could put the pics of her on here, but she absolutely forbade me to do so! But I'll let you know if she wins. And I finally got the stuff for the giveaway, just have to pick a winner now. I know, I've taken forever on this, sorry! I'm going to have a new contest for March, but I'll explain later, I have to go to work. Have a great day everyone!

February 24, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

My previous post in which I sported fuchsia locks received great reviews, so although I had made a vow not to dye my hair again, I couldn't resist changing it back to pink again. Only the underneath came out right however, since it was already lighter. But let me tell you, what an ordeal. The short version is that the extremely bright and thick hair dye settled into my scalp immediately (even though I never rubbed it on there in the first place) and the end result was that I had huge splotches of magenta on the top of my scalp. Really not good. I spent a good three hours vigorously scrubbing my poor head with shampoo, then rubbing cotton soaked in alcohol over the splotches. Finally I was able to get it to a point where I could go out in public without people thinking Jackson Pollack mistook my head for his canvas. Moral of the story? I need to stop dying my hair....or at least spend the money to have a professional do it.

Sorry the pics aren't the best. It's hard to look photogenic when it's freezing cold and little misty droplets are blowing at your face.

February 22, 2010

Mother Nature, You Fickle Fiend

So I've been mentioning lately how happy I was that it was finally getting warm. Then I checked the weather and it's going to rain all week and it was freezing today. Mother Nature has too much control in my opinion.

Here we are back to Monday again. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. As I mentioned earlier, my twin sister came to visit me and, true to form, we spend our time together shopping. I must say that after 6 hours of driving, enduring the bustle of crazed shoppers on a mission and dealing with a wailing two year old, the day fared pretty well. We pined over the expensive and unattainable designer goods, then made our way to Crossroads where I hit the jackpot. There are those who may turn up there nose at the thought of wearing someone else's cast off clothing, but I for one take great pride and pleasure in finding deals, whether or not they are secondhand (and believe me, I do find the deals..I have a shoppers nose like a greyhound). Here are some pics from the trip:

The adorable little boy is my nephew Aden.

So no outfit pics today. It was a cute oufit, but the pics came out terrible because it was too dark outside. But I'm sure I'll wear it again so you can see it.

On another note, I have not forgotten about the giveaway. I just have to get it together first. I will be having a contest soon, so keep your eyes out for that.


which F21 do you work at?

HI! the one in Yuba City, CA...north of Sacramento :) small town lol

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February 21, 2010

Back to the Fuschia

Per a reader's request, here are pics of when I had pink in my hair. It wasn't really an all over pinked out look, more of a subtle fuschia coloring. It looked really cool in the sun, then it glowed. I kinda regret not keeping it. May have to dye it back; however I think if I dye my hair one more time it just may fall out. But I'm itching to go really light honey brown for the summer.....

On another note, we had a great time yesterday. Found some really cute deals at Crossroads. Really wish I had one locally, so I don't have to drive an hour away. But will post some of my great finds soon. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

February 20, 2010

The Other Side Of Me

I hope everyone's having a good weekend thus far. I, for one, am in dire need of some retail therapy, so my twin sister (yes, you read that right!) and I are heading to Roseville. I'm hoping we'll have time to hit Crossroads, so I'll post any great finds I come across. Until we meet again....

p.s. See what I mean? This outfit is from yesterday. Note the nude lace tights and boots, the seafoam cardigan and the soft muted floral dress (well actually it's a top; i'm only 5'). In any case, it's completely opposite from my last outfit. I love so many styles that I tend to dress in all of them. I have fun in any case.

February 19, 2010


Great stuff!!! Can you help me be fashionable? Princess Leah

Lol, thanks! Sure I can help you, just let me know what you like! :)

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Walk, Walk Fashion Baby

I finally wore the necklace I made, although I'm not finished. It's not quite what I wanted, but I needed something to wear.
As I mentioned in yesterdays post, a customer came in for me to style her. Originally, she wanted to go out of her fashion comfort zone, but when I started suggesting pieces to her, she was very hesitant to try anything new. Like shorts. Or a striped tank top with a flower on it. I mean reaaallly nervous about everything. So it got me thinking, what is too much for you? Where do you draw the line at fashion? At my work it's a running joke that I'll try pretty much anything. I'm usually the one buying the stuff that no one will ever wear, but they say I can make it look good. Which is very flattering to me. I think fashion should be about taking risks. As you can tell, I don't usually stick to one particular look. One day I might be cutesy, the next edgy. It's all about having fun. So what do you guys wear to have fun? Is there something in particular you really like, or anything you'll never try? Give me your thoughts on this.

On another note....I made it to 35 followers (yay!) so that mean's it's giveaway time. A winner will be chosen at random and contacted. If the winner does not respond within 2 days, a new winner will be chosen.

February 18, 2010

A Spring Is Loose

I believe Spring has finally crawled out from behind Winter's shadow and claimed dominance for the time being. It's about freaking time, lol ^_^

This is my outfit from yesterday, kinda laid back. Slowly trying to transition into the spring wardrobe. Kohl and I were messing around with a friend who took these pics. More later...have to go to work; I have a customer who's coming in today to have me style her....my favorite part of the job :)

this was kinda off, because he was trying to move, but it came out kinda cute :)

this is my favorite

Mr. Stylish

February 16, 2010

Still Forms

I was going to do an outfit post, but wasn't crazy about my outfit and how the pics came out, so instead, I'm going to post the outfits I did for the mannequins today. Trust me, they look so much better in person. If you click on the picture you can get the full size image to get a better look.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 RTW

For the Fall 2010 RTW collection Marc Jacobs suffused the line with elements correlating to his almost twenty year history. The show was not revolutionary; he didn't try to reinvent the fashion code, or look into the future with a 3-D swarovski encrusted telescope; no, he kept it sweet, structured and, more importantly in my opinion, wearable.

Simple grays and pastels dominated the look, with the occasional 3 piece suit, knit dress, sequined sweater, luscious shearling collars, trenchcoat and sheer lingerie inspired pieces. Accessoried consisted of kitten heeled crocodile pumps and sparkly socks, with the occasional clutch and evening gloves adorning the arms of the models.

Personally, I am in love with his latest collection. Yes, it's not daring or "out there", but to me it has a timeless elegance and class which will never go out of style. Let me hear your thoughts, good or bad.

images: style.com