February 11, 2010

And Death Claimed Him

Alexander McQueen

It has recently been confirmed that Alexander McQueen "the bad boy of fashion", has passed away earlier this Tuesday. Reports did not confirm how he died, but rumor has it pegged as suicide, as there was no foul play suspected. His mother recently passed away on February 2nd, leaving him distraught and agonizing at his loss, but it seemed he would pull through. As one of my favorite designers, this comes as a great shock to me. He was the most innovative and radical of designers, who one minute could make you cringe in disgust (such as one previous runway show where the models wore headpieces made of trash) while another make your jaw drop at his exquisite designs. Not one to flaunt his talent, he shied away from the spotlight, while at the same time managing to own it. This is truly an unforeseen tragedy in which the fashion world has suffered a profound loss. RIP McQueen, you were the creator and designer of this generation and may you find peace with your mother in Heaven.

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