February 10, 2010

Lovey Loverson

Lol, the title's lame, but that's what I call my husband Mike sometimes (it's an inside joke). I just thought I'd share a pic of me and him from last year. I really like it because we look so happy together, despite the fact that we are posing in a giant tree that unfortunately looks like we're stuffed in a vagina (as everyone likes to point out). He's so cute because I just set up a blog for him (oldstfcycleshop.blogspot.com for those with motorcycle interests) and ever since then he's been on it nonstop. This is the same guy who gave me hell because I had to work on my blog, but now he's blogging at home, on his phone, etc. It's so adorable to watch; he's like "did you see my latest post?". . . . welcome to the blogosphere honey :)