September 27, 2011

September 14, 2011

September 2, 2011

Fall / Winter Essentials

Alright, I'm sure by now you're sick of me talking about how over summer I am. Well too bad. Just kidding. But seriously, I am. I'm impatiently waiting for the leaves to turn colors and that brisk cool air to arrive. Every now and then I peek out my window and see a slow breeze and think, "this is it, Fall is coming"- only to step outside and melt faster than a Popsicle. It's not that I don't like summer- camping, boating, parties, tanning, etc., it's that I despise - LOATHE actually,  the heat. It makes me completely lethargic and nonfunctional, not to mention that wearing makeup or any kind of hairstyle becomes pointless when you've got sweat dripping down your face.  But enough whining (for now).... until Fall/Winter actually arrives, I'll make do with planning my must haves to get me through the seasons. Below are some examples of the items I'm planning on stocking.


Nothing gets me more excited for cold weather than the thought of bundling up in baggy, oversize sweaters. This is where my inner bum comes to the surface. The looser and floppier the fit, the better. I do like fitted or cable knits, but baggy is just the definition of comfort for me. Style tip: Looks great with skinny jeans, leggings, shorts, etc. But don't go too baggy on the bottom, especially if you're heavier. And bigger ladies should try to stick to a more fitted sweater to create a slimming effect.