March 9, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Been super busy lately at work, which accounts for the crappy posts I've done lately. It's actually going to be a rough couple weeks as we are getting ready to do our floorset (where we change around the entire store). My schedule will be 5 am shifts all next week, all midnight shifts (yes, midnight) the following week, as well as one more 5 am week. Great, huh? So there may not be a lot of outfit posts, just depends on how I feel. Super excited to see how it looks though.

As for this outfit: I thought I was downplaying the sexiness of the dress by combining it with a long sweater, and boots (combat boots at that, not sexy stilettos). Apparently, I didn't dress it down enough. I actually had a customer who had the nerve to say "I didn't know you could wear such short things to work". I was taken aback at first, so I replied, "Well, as long as it reaches my fingertips it's okay". To which she had this actual response (no joke!): "Well, I would never let my daughter out of the house looking so cheap".... uh, what?? As shocked as I was that someone could just blurt that out to a complete stranger, I calmly looked at her and replied "Well, it's a good thing I'm not your daughter then". She huffed and left the store. Wow, I had no idea some people could be so tactless and rude. I actually got a lot of compliments from my co-workers, including my store manager, so I thought it was fine. Of course after that incident, everyone made fun of me all day, calling me cheap and asking how much, lol. Which made me feel better :) Boy, if I wasn't on the clock though, she would've had something else to deal with.....