March 29, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Today was a pretty decent day considering it was a Monday (I usually loathe Mondays). I wore this great little cardigan with fur trim that I absolutely love. It was originally only $12.99, but when I went to the register it was marked down to $8.99. So excited when I get deals even cheaper! I also wore these over the knee socks from Target that I am infatuated with; the only downside is that they slide down quite often, so that I am constantly adjusting them throughout the day. Oh well. Just got back from eating tacos and drinking beer with friends, perfect way to end the day. Planning on having a contest soon (will probably post details tomorrow if time permits) so be sure to check back soon! Also, if you haven't already, please don't forget to vote for me for LVCMag's "Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway"! Voting ends March 30th, so please hurry! My profile name is Suzy Pilaczynski. Thanks for the support!

p.s. sorry for the funky photos, it was another hellishly windy day, so had to make do with bedroom shots, and the lighting is really not photo quality :)

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