March 1, 2010

Into The Darkness of the Woods

I've been a bit apathetic lately about posting outfits . . . blame it on the constantly changing weather. I was thrilled when Sunday dawned nice and warm, thinking that perhaps FINALLY the gray of winter had finally been colorized with the warm palette of spring. But sadly, I was mistaken again as today was dreary and cold and the prediction for the rest of the week has me bundled up in coats and sweaters. Don't get me wrong, I love winter dearly, however, the weather also affects my moods, so if it is gloomy outside, it makes me drag about at work. I've been waiting for the weather to be that perfect temperature where you can wear skirts and blouses and tights and perhaps a light sweater, without being too hot and cold. I'll give it another couple weeks before I drag that groundhog out of the hole. I'm simply being impatient, as I know spring is usually a little further away.