March 26, 2010

LVCMag Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway Finalist!

I finally have an outfit to post! It felt nice to actually be able to pick out an outfit today, since all week I've been looking like a bum since I've been working graveyard shifts. I was able to wear these awesome leggings (another sample- $2!) which I am totally in love with and want to wear with everything. Kohl decided to be edgy today, and wore this shoulder...thing. It was very fashion forward, but prompted many people to ask if he had broken his arm, much to his annoyance. Ahhh...some people just don't understand fashion. We wanted a cool picture, but were limited on spots at work, so we chose the shipping dock and he hopped on a rolling rack. I think it ended being a kinda cool shot, after I edited it, of course.

Exciting news! I just found out I'm one of ten finalists for LVCMag's "Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway"! Apparently I have been for awhile, but no one told me! PLEASE vote for me at LVCMag! I appreciate your support! Voting ends March 30th so hurry before it's too late.

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