March 18, 2010

Gone with the Wind

I was excited when I checked the weather this morning and saw that it was going to be a perfect 79 degrees. I decided to dress for the weather in a resort inspired outfit (although people kept telling me I looked like a flight attendant or like I worked on a cruise ship, haha!). The scarf is actually a halter top with the string removed that I found at a thrift store. So my pictures started out nicely. Until the wind decided to start blowing at around 20mph. I heard about a severe wind alert, but thought it was further south. Apparently it wasn't. Oh well, at least I'll have a nice windblown look, I thought. More like tornado strewn look!

nice little breeze, not too bad

getting a little more breezier, but still nice

okay, starting to pick up more

umm, getting kinda windy now!

almost choked on my scarf, I mean halter

clearly I am not amused and it's time to wrap up before I'm tossed to the winds

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