March 7, 2012

Spot On

Finally, after two longs weeks, an outfit post! I've been kinda MIA lately- no excuse really, just been preoccupied I guess. I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary and my 29th birthday this week. Well, the term "celebrate" is used loosely here- it was a pretty somber affair. I'm already at that point where I'm depressed about my age. Next year will be the big 3-0. That can't be right....I don't remember turning 22. Marriage and kids age you pretty quick I guess. I'm visiting my sister in Santa Rosa at the moment, trying to cheer myself up.

Okay, enough depressing crap, onto the clothing. I'm in love with this MINKPINK dress! I bought it at Crossroads after an unsuccessful search for three different thrift stores. I drove around with Cindy and we couldn't find even one of them, weird. So we went to Crossroads where I got this dress and some awesome sunglasses and jewelry. All in all, not a total failure.

And...I love how these pics came out (I had Mike take them for me, thanks!), but I"m wishing I didn't look so damn tired in them! I'm on another late late night no sleeping binge and it's starting to show. And I got eaten alive by mosquitoes in this post. The things I go through to take pictures, right?

Anyhoo, I promise to come back with a more positive attitude in the next post. And hopefully a new haircolor as well. 


I'm wearing: MINKPINK dress- Crossroads Trading Co.
                     Jeffrey Campbell Litas
                     Egyptian cuff- ebay
                     Necklaces- Target
                     Belt- vintage
                     Chain harness- Asos