March 12, 2012

Get In My Closet

Just some things I'm eyeing...."some" being key here. At any given time I could easily name like, 100 items I want . There's just too much good stuff out there. I've been so good lately though at sticking to thrifted /used items, instead of buying brand new. But the temptation is always there....especially since seeing UNIF's newest collection- really? Could they get any better? That flame sweater needs to be well as the rest of their stuff. Dannijo has an awesome collection of jewelry- way out of my budget, luckily, otherwise I'd be loading up on their site right now. I still and always will have an obsession with leopard and velvet, so what makes better sense than to put the two together? Also I'm on the hunt for the perfect knee high lace up boots; leave it to JC to pretty much always have what I'm looking for. Too expensive for me right now, bleh. Sucks being responsible sometimes, doesn't it? 

But... I am super stoked to have scored some knee high SNAKE PRINT vintage Doc Martens. Yes, you read that right. They are awesome!! Well, they'd better be- they're supposed to be here on Wednesday. My patience is officially being tested. I'd post a pic of them, but I want you biting your nails in anticipation along with me. I'm a brat like that.

Aaaannnd I dyed my hair again. Or attempted to. It was supposed to be a gorgeous teal, but came out purple, ironically, since that was the color I was aiming for last time. But most of it just came out brown, boo. Just the tips and some streaks came out bluish-purplish. It's probably the darkest color I've had in awhile- I barely remember the last time I had my natural hair color. 

Anyhoo, I've got some Plants vs. Zombies to play, my latest distraction. Anyone play it yet? It's quite addicting and more intense than it appears. Mike and I are trying to make it to level 40, but have only made it to 25. And if you know me, then you know I'm competitive and hate losing. But I only play for my son's sake, wink wink. That's what kids are for- they're your excuse for stepping down a decade or so on the maturity scale. Of course they also make you go up a decade on the age scale at the same time. 

Go figure. 

ps. yeah, I know my layout's screwed up. I started messing with it but lost interest after while, I'm sorta ADD like that. Bear with me a bit and I'll have it looking better soon...after I kill some zombies.