February 29, 2012

I Dye

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Pardon my absence once again. I've been in cleaning mode, working on my store, and trying to catch up on various projects. And I've had blogger's block, if you will. Not to mention the weather went back to dreary, bone chilling cold and rainy. But luckily I'm using this time to try to get some progress going on my store, so all is not lost. 

I'm itching to dye my hair....again. I'm into pastels right now and would give anything to have sea foam green/ teal hair, lavender, or pale silver/platinum. I curse my natural dark hair and envy those with sunny locks. Much easier a canvas to work on. Too bad no salon will touch my hair. Things may have to get drastic.. . .

Oh, and my adorable daughter decided to see if my Iphone floats in the toilet. Sadly, it does not. It came back briefly after my husband dried it in the sun for me, but it looks like it may be a lost cause. Time will tell. Maybe I'm in mourning; I was getting quite addicted to having it on me.