March 20, 2012

Tri Color

Tie dyed sweatershirt. Tribal print hat. Knee high Converse. Pink/purple/bluish braids. Can it get any better? No one ever said comfortable had to be plain and boring. The only thing better than a tie dyed sweatshirt is a magenta/blue/black tie dyed one with palm trees- which I so happen to own, yes I do.  I've put off wearing these shoes for quite some time because I bought them when they very first came out and it was a new concept. But the inevitable  happened and suddenly knockoffs were everywhere and it lost it's appeal to me. Until today, when I spied them sitting forlornly in the corner of my top shelf, begging to be worn. And once on, I wondered why I ever stopped wearing then in the first place.

In the next post I'll do a mini tutorial how to do the nails, since I got some requests based off the last post I did. 

I had zeeeerrrooo sleep last night, so my mind is mush right now and I've forgotten everything else I had planned to say. I'm sure it was riveting though, as it usua-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm wearing: sweatshirt- H&M
shorts- Forever 21
hat- Obey via Urban Outfitters
shoes- Converse

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