March 28, 2012

Sneak Peek

So in case you weren't aware, I'm opening an online vintage store Something Wicked, which is where all my time has been devoted to lately. That and trying desperately to catch up on sleep. Been working late nights and crawling into bed a little after dawn, then waking up around noon or so and spending the day in a zombie-fied state. Nighttime is the only time I get to have some quiet and avoid interruptions, so I'll have to deal for now. . . .even if it kills me.

Anyways, above is a quick look at the goodies that I'll be carrying (unless I refuse to let some of them go, which is an issue I've been having lately- how awesome are these pieces?), along with shoes and accessories. The pics are from my Instagram (beneaththeglass), so pardon the quality.

The site won't be up for awhile since I'm a one-woman team doing literally EVERY aspect of it, but in the meantime, you can like the Facebook Page or follow Something Wicked on Twitter for updates- your support is appreciated! Plus, as I get closer to launching there's going to be some giveaways/discounts given out, so you don't wanna miss those, do ya??

Nap time....back soon.

ps. I know I told some of you I'd do a nail tutorial on the last nails I did- I haven't forgotten, but the pics I did (at 3 am, mind you) came out crappy, so I'm going to hopefully do a video instead when I get some free time (free time? what's that??)