March 15, 2012

One Dreary Day

Told ya I dyed my hair was supposed to be teal, but of course, my weird hair never comes out the right color- it's actually kinda fun not being able to predict what color it will turn out. It's kinda duo-tone right now and looks purple in some light, bluish in other light and with turquoise tips at some spots. Pardon the rattiness of it- I had it up in a clip and just threw the hat on before I walked out the door. The whole outfit was kinda an accident- I was getting ready for a dr's. appointment and just started grabbing things. I meant to actually change but forgot to! Oh well, I kinda like the effect in an odd sort of way. 

Check out the new boots- vintage snakeskin Doc Martens, how awesome are they? Thank you ebay, you've once again proven yourself useful. Unfortunately, they're a bit too tight, but hey, I never let that stop me before. 

I'm wearing: jacket- Target
leather top-Asos
shorts- Marshall's
boots- Doc Martens
rings-  Cheap Monday and misc.

Are you following my Instagram yet? C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it....this is what you're missing: 

My baby Lia Rose- she looks cuter in beanies than me. She's almost 1 1/2 yrs. already! Too cute, right? 

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