January 4, 2012

Sympathy for the Devil

Jacket- Target; Tank- Marshall's; Vest-Forever 21; Velvet leggings- American Gold; Boots- vintage

As usual, it seems I can't catch a break. I had big plans to start the new year with a bang, presenting a new layout and more consistent posts. But of course, that was not to be. Come Christmas and Lia became really sick, after Austin had just gotten over being sick as well. After having two kids coughing and sneezing in my general vicinity (and sometimes in my face, thank you Lia), it was inevitable that I would come down sick as well and I have been battling it ever since. I have days where I think I'm better, only to relapse into feeling like crap shortly after. I'm exhausted after having major insomnia culminating in late nights of no sleep until at least 4:30 am, which has resulted in extremely dark circles under my eyes. And the constant nose blowing has reformed my nose into a red, bulbous form not to dissimilar than a famous reindeer's- all I can do is thank the makeup gods for a little miracle called concealer.

So let's discuss these leggings/pants I'm wearing. Utter perfection. The burnout velvet design with the flare leg is extremely comfortable and flattering, as the black fitted shape hugs all the right places. And since they're a bit too long for me (as everything usually is), they make my legs look longer, bonus for me. They're named Sympathy for the Devil and made by American Gold, the label from Spanish Moss. I actually got mine on sale from Asos, but you can probably find them either place, and I highly recommend adding a pair to your wardrobe, you'll thank me later. And this jacket- I was on the hunt for a surplus jacket from Goodwill or other thrift stores, but had no luck. Then my luck changed as I found this one from Target for half off. I love how the style is similar to the surplus style, but with a longer fit and faux fur hood.

Okay, that's about all the energy I can muster up for now. If I can get over this damn sickness than I promise to be back soon. If not, well, then I'll be back when I'm back, ha.

ps. Check out how awesome the sky was that night!