January 31, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

vintage skirtvintage skirt
Isn't this vintage skirt gorgeous? I love the bold vibrant colors! It's not actually a fishtail skirt- after putting it on I realized it didn't look quite right; a simple tuck of the front into my belt made a huge difference. I love vintage more and more each time I find something great. There's just something about finding that awesome vintage piece that isn't like shopping off the racks at a department store or elsewhere. Perhaps because it often takes quite a bit of digging through old musty stuff, that when you find a treasure it's like a reward for all your hard work. Or something like that. If you follow me on Twitter (hint,  hint) then you likely saw my other recent finds- a metallic silver snakeprint kimono and an amaaazing crochet fishnet dress. So excited to show them to you later on! In fact, I've acquired quite a bit of cool vintage stuff to stock my store with- now all I've got to do is get my store off the ground. But that's another story.

vintage skirtvintage skirtvintage skirtvintage skirtvintage skirtvintage skirtvintage skirt

After about two washings, the purple in my hair is finally starting to show up more. I've been dying to have purple hair for so long, but now I'm already planning my next dye job. It's a sickness, really. 

In between trying to get the usual things done, my latest obsession is YouTube. More precisely, makeup videos on YouTube. Man, there are a lot!! For some reason after watching so many, all I want to do is pile on makeup and dress girly. I think they've got subliminal messages or something.

Can't think straight right now, due to the fact I haven't eaten all day. I have the worst eating habits, ugh. 

ps. Did I mention Lia's walking now? It's too cute! I'll post a video...sometime

on my body: skirt- vintage
                    tank- thrifted
                             jacket- Forever 21
                   shoes- Asos

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