January 24, 2012

Lounge Mode

I'm beyond utterly exhausted from too many nights with not enough sleep and last night's debauchery.... of eating carrot cake and playing Catch Phrase. It was my MIL's birthday yesterday, so we hung out and played a game and ate lots of food, including a carrot cake I made in a rush. I of course waited til the very last minute to make it and in doing so completely messed up the instructions and after baking, realized I used the wrong measurements as well. Came out a little too dense, but edible enough considering. But it looked pretty! If you follow me on Instagram (beneaththeglass) then you can see what it looked like...kinda like a wedding cake actually.
So anyways, this is my rainy day, too tired to get dressed look. This sweater (that kept sliding down, hence the near wardrobe malfunction) is the hugest thing and has ginormous sleeves and a corset back that constantly comes untied, but I love it for the sheer volume of it. I like big clothing for some reason, the floppier the better. And these pants actually have dragons on them, which I thought was just paisley.

>_<  Zzzzzzzzz........

On my  body: Sweater- Style Nanda

ps. See that streak of purple in my hair? Yeah, that was my latest attempt at getting it..... purple. After two different attempts, I now have my same hair but more vibrant, with random purple bits here and there. My hair looks confused. And it hates me. I exaggerate, though, it's not too too bad. But I'll probably dye over it again soon. Or shave it. Whichever comes first.

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