December 28, 2011

Looking Back 2011

I'm back after an extended Christmas break...although not entirely optional. I had an awesome Christmas full of food and fun, but as luck would have it, my son Austin was just getting over being sick and come Christmas morning little Lia came down with it as well. And of course, after over a week of two kids coughing and sneezing all over me, it was inevitable that I would get it as well. Woke up feeling like someone had taken a cheese grater to the back of my throat, not a good feeling. Enter Theraflu and lots of oj and home made soup, my go to sickness weapons. 

Moving on. The new  year is almost upon us, so I figured it's time for a recap of 2011's outfits, for those who may have missed them- here's your one stop rundown to my year of style. As you can see, it varies pretty widely from look to look. I always like to experiment and/or leave myself open to all options when dressing- I'm a bit ADD in that department as well. But as my blog has evolved, so has my sense of style; having a blog does that to you, I suppose, as being surrounded by constant inspiration tends to subconsciously embed some new ideas into your brain after awhile. To those with blogs, do you find that your style has evolved as well? Do you have specific inspirations that reflect the way you dress? Or, are you like me and just tend to randomly dress day to day according to mood and such? Clothingwise, I managed to acquire quite a few awesome vintage pieces, the Surface to Air shoes that I practically sold a kidney for, only to have worn them twice, I finally gave in to the Lita craze, and managed to become obsessed with velvet, crochet, leopard print, tie dye and bell bottoms all over again. And my hair was numerous shades of pink and red, as usual.

I'd like to thank everyone again for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. To all my loyal longtime follower and my new ones as well, you are what motivate me to keep blogging- I read every single comment and although I don't respond as much as I wish I could, I do appreciate the time you all take to leave me a sweet message. I've gotten to make great friendships with lots of you, been featured several awesome places, and been inspired by so many!

As for 2012 and the blog, expect some new changes to take effect in the new year, such as:
  • New header/layout/design: I love experimenting with the overall look of my blog, but still want to keep it clean. 
  • Still plan on doing my FAQ's post, so if you have any, shoot me a message!
  • I plan on implementing more variety of posts besides outfits: face/makeup posts, nail posts, more photography/editing tutorials, DIY's, editorials, runway reviews, etc. 
  • More blogger interviews- there's so many out there who inspire me, that I want to share them with others who may not be aware of them. 
  • I will be creating a new blog (alongside of this one, not to replace it) that is more of a lifestyle blog that will include recipes, home decor, DIY projects (furniture, home accents, etc.), design ideas and similar. It's supposed to be more of a unique decor blog, not all Martha Stewart-esque (not that there's anything wrong with that, this will just reflect more of my style). I will post the link when ready for those who wish to follow. 
  • Come hell or high water I will get my damn store up and running!! 
  • Oh yeah, and I guess get in shape after my year of eating sweets. . . . not necessarily a priority though, hah.
Any suggestions for anything  you want to see is more than welcome. Of course, then again, don't hold your breath that all that above will be accomplished. These are all things I HOPE to fulfill, but this goes along with still working the motorcycle business, remodeling/redecorating my home, taking care of my kids and the usual day to day stuff. Fingers crossed though! What are your plans/goals for 2012?

ps. blame my poor grammar and spelling errors on the theraflu

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