January 13, 2012

Disappearing Act

Vest-vintage; Shirt-thrifted; Shorts/socks- Forever 21; Shoes-vintage; Sunglasses-deadstock vintage; Necklace- Target

I don't know why I make goals sometimes, because honestly, the minute I have something planned, all hell breaks loose and prevents me from accomplishing said plan. I had goals set for this year, and although I know we're only in like the third week of January, I'm already behind on everything again. I made a vow to improve my blog's content and post more consistently, then BAM, everyone gets sick and I am taking care of them. Then I get sick. Then my computer internet goes down. Always something, isn't it?

Anyhoo, I think I'm just not going to plan anything or set goals anymore, lol. But I am going to try really, really hard to dedicate more time to this blog...starting next year. No seriously, though, I will try to put better effort into this thing, because it something I really enjoy, but haven't the chance to work on it much. That being said, I made a decision to sacrifice some clothing /shoes on ebay and such because my next obsession is getting a  new, high quality (read: expensive) lens, so I'm going to have to save up for it, since the one I've got my eye on around $1200 or so. I've never been good at saving money though, so fingers crossed. What this means to you though is I'll be adding stuff to my blog store- so if ya'll love me and want me to have a better lens to improve the quality of photos on here, then you're all welcome to buy my stuff and give me money! But seriously though, I will be selling stuff shortly so get your wallets ready.

Have a great Friday and hopefully I'll start next week with a bang and a new post! Oh wait, but I'm not setting goals anymore, so never mind.

ps. thank you to Jennifer of Art In Our Blood for featuring me in a post about ombre hair- very flattered! Be sure to check her out. She's an absolutely stunning 17 year old with amazing style and she's super sweet to boot, so say hi to her!

pss. please excuse the gross ratty hair- it was the result of leaving braids in for a couple days coupled with my procrastination in washing my hair; really, I'd be so much better off just shaving my head I think

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