December 8, 2011

Mixed Media

silver metallic leggings
Hat/boots- vintage; Shirt- Free People; Leggings/Necklace- Forever 21; Cuff- Nastygal; 

silver metallic leggingssilver metallic leggingssilver metallic leggingssilver metallic leggingssilver metallic leggingssilver metallic leggings

Posting again late as usual. Got a lot going on lately. But feeling way better! Definitely on my way. The emotional outburst and anxiety have been quelled for now, but unfortunately the physical effects have been rearing their nasty head, in the form of migraines and extreme nausea. But I'd rather suffer through that then the emotional turmoil I was experiencing. Again, I want to say thank you to everyone for their kind words and support, and a special huge THANK YOU goes to Selena of The Siren of Mod. She took time out to personally send me the sweetest email which made me feel so special. And she's into motorcycles too. And she's awesome. I think I found my new best friend.

Anyways, on to the outfit. LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat! Isn't it amazing? The vivid colors and print blew me away the minute I saw it. And I never want to take off these silver leggings. So comfortable and something about wearing metallic silver skintight leggings makes you feel sexy and badass in a futuristic cyborg sort of way. Been hunting down a pair for awhile and good ol' Forever 21 came through, per usual. I like how all the pieces seem to mesh in a sort of cohesive way, despite the fact that they don't really go together at all. Love when outfits turn out like that.

Leaving tomorrow for Ventura until Monday. Going to a massive motorcycle show where our company is going to be one of the vendors this year. We're taking one old bike and a brand new one we just built. Should be exciting and I'll be snapping away pics like a madwoman, can't wait to tell ya'll about it!

Cheers to a great weekend everyone!

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