December 22, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

vintage Pendleton blazer
 Blazer- vintage Pendleton; Shirt-thrifted; Leggings/Necklace-F21; Shoes- Zara; Hat- Nastygal;

Sorry for taking so long to post (as usual), just been so busy lately (as usual). In fact I still don't have my Christmas shopping done yet. Apparently, I'm playing the wait-until-the-very-last-minute so I can be part of the oh-crap-Christmas-is-tomorrow shopping frenzy. Every year I make a determination to start shopping months ahead of time...and every month I'm still shopping on Christmas Eve. Some things never change.

vintage Pendleton blazervintage Pendleton blazervintage Pendleton blazervintage Pendleton blazervintage Pendleton blazervintage Pendleton blazervintage Pendleton blazervintage Pendleton blazer

Anyhoo, I didn't realize it at the time, but I guess this blazer kinda gives off a Christmas vibe with the red plaid and the green shrubbery. I have always had a thing for red plaid, goes back to my love for 90's grunge/punk. But I decided to class it up a bit more by finally breaking in my pumps from Zara (I made the ankle cuffs). Now I love the look of pumps, but I've never personally owned a pair, but something about these ones caught my eye; I love the asymmetrical pointed toe and cutout side profile, makes it different than your run of the mill pump. Have you guys noticed yet how ADD I am with my outfits? One minute I'll have like a boho theme going, then suddenly switch it up to something completely different. It's because I love every style and try to incorporate them all into my wardrobe in one form or another, rather than limiting myself to one genre of style. What is your guys' opinion on this- do you like to see outfits that are consistently within a similar style (think Late Afternoon) or do you like variety? I like to keep people guessing on what I'm going to wear next. Actually, I just like everything I see and figure out how to wear it later.

As for my blog- with the new year coming I want to do sort of an overhaul. I will of course be changing the design, but also some of the content. I hope to incorporate more photography and editing tutorials, makeup posts (I've been getting into makeup more recently), DIY's, etc. Anything in particular you wanna see? Let me know! Also, as if I didn't have enough on my plate already (I seem to use that line a lot), I'm considering a new blog which will be more of a lifestyle blog including cooking, home decor and similar areas of living. I thought about doing it for this one, but since this is fashion related, I know some people may be turned off if I suddenly turned it into a lifestyle blog. Thoughts?? Would you follow my new blog if it was dedicated to living instead of fashion? Think recipes, unique home decor and design ideas, and funky houseware finds. Of course, these are probably all pipe dreams....I still have yet to get my store off the ground.

Hope everyone's having an great holiday!

ps. I was featured on in an article written by Nikki of EWWITSNIKKI. I was super flattered because she is a longtime follower of my blog and out of everyone she follows she chose to feature me as her first assignment at her job there. You can check it out and learn my take on fashion here.

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