February 3, 2011

Chop Shop

Sweater- Cheap Monday; Shorts, tights, rings- F21; Platforms- Jessica Simpson

Once again I have managed to add another leopard print piece to my wardrobe, this time being these shorts from Forever 21's Twist line. Honestly though, I didn't realize they were leopard print until closer inspection showed otherwise, which of course sealed the deal and I had to get them. I'm also wearing my floppy sloppy sweater from Cheap Monday, the one which prompted my father in law to say, "Do you know you have holes in the sleeves?" Men. Some of them just don't understand fashion. But that brings me to an interesting topic. We women are actually quite ridiculous in that we will shell out money on items with holes or tears, so long as it's intentional, but would never pay full price on something that had a rip that didn't belong there. Take my sweater for instance: both armpits have holes in them which are unraveling already, much to my dismay, and although you can't see them, it bothers me. Unlike the glaringly obvious cuts in the sleeves, which I like. Go figure.

I'm wearing eyeshadow and mascara- not something I often do

I took photos in the shop again today, but not by choice. I had originally planned to take them outdoors in a secluded spot I frequent sporadically. The weather was nice and the sun was glowing so I planned on taking advantage of it, but unfortunately my spot was occupied by the out of work miscreants that this town seems infested with. Then I headed to a backup spot, which was also beautiful and speckled with wildflowers, only to be intruded on by the so called owner of the land, who proceeded to watch me with a creepy shit-eating grin on his face and asked if I wanted him to take a picture of me in the field. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I know what kind of photos he wanted to take. Douchebag. This town is full of them. Thank goodness for our shop which happens to be a photo worthy and doesn't come with leering pervs. The motorcycle I'm sitting on is one of my faves (likely because it's black and gold); I even made the leather seat I'm sitting on. However, the gigantic spider in the shift knob scares the crap out of me; I bravely stood next to it for photos, only to jump every time I looked down and saw it by my hand. The things I do to get a good shot.

I'm also featured on MTV's Style blog this week! How awesome is that? Check it out here: THANKS MTV!!