February 28, 2011

DIY Faux Leather Harness/Belt

I don't know about the rest of you, but I actually accomplished some things this weekend. Okay, not actually anything I needed to do, but some DIY projects I have had planned forever, including this harness I'm wearing. I wanted better pics, but despite the sun, it was freezing and windy, so I took my pics and got the hell back inside. I do however, like the way the sun caught the purple and pink highlights in my hair.

DIYharnessBlouse- thrifted; Leggings- unknown; Harness-DIY (instructions below; Shoes- Forever 21


DIYharness* just realized that although red is my favorite color, this is maybe one out of two red tops i own- need to fix that :)

To make the harness, you'll need the following supplies:

suppliesI actually spent no money making this, as I already had the supplies. I used an old faux leather belt for the material, and the hardware I ripped off of an old handbag. I'm thrifty like that.

1. Measure around from one side of your chest, around your neck, to the other side. You want the harness to sit right under your bust. Cut a strip of your leather (or whatever material you're using) to the measured length. Sew each end to a metal ring as shown.

2. Measure around your back from one side to the other, the distance starting from one ring of the harness to the other. Cut a strip to that measured length and sew to each ring as shown.

3. You should now have the neck and back piece sewn like in the picture.

4. Measure around your front under the bust from one ring to the other and cut a strip of material a couple inches longer. Sew each end to a ring, then cut in the middle, but a bit off center. These will be your buckle and strap used to tighten the harness. Sew your buckle to one end, and punch or cut holes in the other side. You should now have a completed harness.

Now you can add studs, beads or any other decorative pieces you want. I added snaps, which came in a kit. Instructions to set the snap are below. You'll need the following supplies:

The snaps come in four pieces, but you'll only need the two shown above.

1. Punch holes in the desired location. I chose to set mine around the rings.

2. Insert the smooth side of the snap through the hole on the side of the leather facing outward when you wear it

3. Insert the the other snap piece on the opposite side of the leather connecting to the smooth piece

4. The kit comes with a metal piece with a concave center. Lay the harness with the smooth side of the snap face down on the concave piece as shown.

5. Insert the metal rod (included in kit) into the hole of the snap facing up. Using the mallet, strike heavily on the rod. Keep the rod straight when hammering, as you are essentially smashing the center metal hole down- if you move sideways, your metal will end up crooked.

6. Repeat as desired on remaining sides of the ring or wherever else you want the snaps.

There you have it, your own custom harness. As I said, mine was free to make, but even if you have to buy the supplies, this is still a fairly cheap project Most of the items can be found at craft stores, but be sure to look around your house for items to use first. Old purses. clothes or shoes can provide the material and hardware, even the snaps. Use your imagination.

If you enjoyed the post and found it informative (which I hope you did) and wish to share by reposting on your blog, Facebook or Twitter, which by all means I would be grateful for, just be sure to link back to here and give the proper credit. And be sure to check back often, as I have more projects completed/in progress to share later.