February 11, 2011

90 Beats Per Minute

Jacket, rings and dress- Forever 21; Wedges- Topshop

Today's photos are courtesy of Mike. As usual he came through for me when I needed him, and he blew me away with these photos. I knew I kept him around for a reason. Of course, the day was not without it's problems, as the car's radiator (the "Merc" as we call it, it's a 1960 Mercury Cruiser) decided to take a dive today, so Mike had to fill it with water in order to get it to run so we could take photos with it. And he almost ran out of gas on the way too. But luckily we managed to get these shots in before the sun went down. He did such an amazing job that I had an extremely hard time choosing between them. I've included the rest in a slideshow, in case you guys wanted to see the rest. I'm entering these in Hypeed.com's "Valentine's Day" contest, so wish me luck. I seem to be including lots of vehicles in my posts lately- they make great props. I had the car specifically in mind when planning this post, and I have to say it came out just like I had hoped....thanks honey :) Have a great weekend everyone!