January 30, 2011


Today's post is the combined effort of Mike and I. I recently purchased a new lens, hence the better quality photos. Mike asked to take my photos, and although we usually differ on opinion, I thought it was a cool that he wanted to be involved, so we went into our freezing shop to take pics in his '38 hot rod. The first two are his, to give him his due. He did a pretty good job, considering he had a new lens to adjust to, but I am fairly picky so I ended up taking more photos myself, much to his disappointment. However, I will recruit him again for future posts, as I enjoyed the time together. I also liked his attention to detail- telling me to stick my butt out, moving my hair over my shoulder- made me feel like I was modeling for real. Except that I sleep with the photographer and don't get paid. Oh, and you don't want to be behind me when I bend over in these pants- I put plumbers to shame.

ps. did you notice the new layout? I got rid of all the clutter and enlarged the photos. thoughts?