February 15, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Another year has passed which means my inevitable birthday is fast approaching...can't believe I will be turning 28. Especially since most people still think I'm in high school. Each year that goes by reminds me that I am not immune to the effects of aging, a fact that rears its head when I go to bed at night and every muscle in my body groans simultaneously. Ah, adulthood.

So to ease the dread of adding another year to my life, I have compiled a little wish list of my current cravings, although realistically this list is a lot longer than I could possibly post here. I am indecision incarnate, so I had trouble narrowing it down. Nonetheless, here's what I have my eye on. Well, eyes, since I don't close one when I browse. They're arranged by order of longing.

Mike, I know you always have trouble buying me gifts, so I've done the work for you and couldn't have made it any easier. I would gleefully take any of these...and would express my gratitude in a way that only you would appreciate :) TMI? Perhaps, but that's how much I love these:

1. Senso Saure (also available in black) $189.00 buy at Solestruck

2. ASOS Harley Origami High Sandals (also available in brown) $143.44 buy at Asos.com

3. Style Nanda Lace Up Slouchy Sweater $66 buy at Style Nanda

4. Asos Trouble Lace Up Shoe Boot (also in gray, but sold out in my size on Asos.com) $78 buy on Ebay

5. Style Nanda Leopard Print Tunic/Dress $46 buy at Style Nanda

6. Rhinestone Step Trellis Ring $30 buy at Topshop

7. Quad Layerd Stone Stack Rings $30 buy at Topshop