January 7, 2011


It's hard to believe 2010 is over already and 2011 has arrived. The year went by so fast, I'm having trouble remembering what it consisted of. I guess the major points were leaving my job at Forever 21 as a Visual Merchandiser (which I still occasionally miss), watching our business expand, getting a new puppy, Peanut, then mourning him when he died, getting a new SLR camera and an awesome car. Throw in the copious amounts of clothing and shoes I acquired and it was a pretty good year. Oh yeah, and finding out I was pregnant with a little girl after five years of trying was a definite highlight to my year. Due to the pregnancy, I spent the majority of the year eating sweets and gaining weight, losing sleep and excitedly preparing for her arrival. Now that she's here and the previous year is over, this year will be focused on losing all the weight I gained...and hopefully catching up on sleep. Here are some of my main goals:

1. Lose weight and exercise. I'm craving a candy bar as I'm writing this, so wish me luck.
2. Improve this blog and its contents.
3. Help our business expand more this year through advertising and networking
4. Get my family's finances in order, pay off debt, and then redecorate/remodel our home.
5. Enjoy the year and not worry so much about everything; basically enjoy life more.

What are your goals?

So here's a look back at my style from 2010. I'm constantly wearing anything and everything and I love to experiment, as you can see from the variety of outfits I've worn. Don't really expect that to change this year.

Last, but not least, I want to give a big thank you to all my readers, both old and new, and the support and wonderful comments you leave me. Through this blog I've made some great friends and I hope to continue to do so through the new year.