January 19, 2011

Frustration Breeds Indecision

Blazer and Shirt- thrifted; Sequin leggings- Marshalls; Boots- Sam Edelman; Cross Necklace- F21

Being sleep deprived and at the constant need of a newborn baby has taken it's toll on my creativity and inspiration. I've done about three different outfit shoots the last couple days, only to decide not to post them- either because I decided I didn't like the outfit, the pictures weren't good enough, or because of some other randomly decided reason. Finally I just decided to post something for the sake of having something to post. I decided to wear wear my sequin leggings to get me motivated, but due to having nowhere to go, I kept the rest of the outfit casual. Kinda like how it turned out. Really needing new locations to shoot photos though, as my backyard is getting a bit monotonous. Wish I had myself a photographer like some other bloggers....not that my husband hasn't offered, but we tend to differ on creative aspects. May have to take him up on it though, before the shrubbery and bricks of my yard drive me insane from redundancy.