August 9, 2010

When The Ride Is Over Will You Do It Again?

I was having kind of a bummer few days, and Mike went out of town for the weekend, so I grabbed Kohl and we did some retail therapy, which helped a little. He and I are the same, in that we get all excited to go the H&M and UO, but we rarely ever find anything to buy for us. This time around, however, I found too many things and had to put some back to save my bank account from being completely depleted. But not before I snagged these super comfortable and versatile harem- sweats type pants. I also got a leopard print sheer dress/top and a black shapeless dress that is also really comfy to wear. I'm all about comfort these days. Although I was not thinking when I decided to wear these shoes for the 6 hours of shopping we did. I was eventually forced to buy flip flops, lest I lose my feet altogether. I got this great turquoise necklace at H&M as well...been very into anything tribal, southwestern, etc.

These shoes are from Topshop, and again, I was lucky to score a pair as these were sold out as well. Even Kohl got lucky at UO and found some tees for him to bare his muscles in. Later we met up with our friend Brandy for a fattening Mexican feast. And of course, I always carry my camera on me, but forget to take pics when it counts. Go figure.


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