August 4, 2010

I Go Out Walkin' After Midnight

Does this blouse say "maternity" or what? But it's one of my faves. It's an old pajama top I thrifted awhile back. I love the vintage, romantic feel it evokes. Got these Jessica Simpson platforms (I know, right?) awhile ago, but have been wearing them sparingly, because me + 6" heels + pregnant belly = faceplant, which would not be good for me or the baby. Had no idea these shoes were so popular until I looked online to do a price comparison...luckily I scored a hard- to- get pair, although I wanted black but they were sold out.

Also wearing my favorite (fake) leather shorts....kinda bummed because apparently my ass has gotten bigger, because if you could see up close you'd notice the shorts are not zipped at all. I'm slowly running out of things to wear!

And last, but not least, below is my entry for Chictopia's Jeffrey Campbell "My Way" shoe contest. Winner gets an interview with the creative director of JC, a pair of their winning design, a pair of JC shoes, and their shoes get sold at So if you have a Chictopia account, and you like my design, please visit the page to vote for me (click on the picture below.

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