August 1, 2010

Midnight Mass

Been taking care of a few things this week, so haven't had much time to blog the last couple days. Hopefully will be back to a regular routine by tomorrow. Leaving you with these quick pics from the Midnight Mass 2010 hot rod and motorcycle show we went to last night. Mike and I love hot rods and I adore 50's style, so it's a great place to see cool cars and bikes, and ladies dressed to the nines in pinup fashions. Mike and I recently picked up our own little cool car, but I'm saving the post for when it's a little more fixed up.

And for those wondering, I had my ultrasound on Wednesday...and it's a GIRL!!! Yup, finally got my little lady. We're super excited and now I can start planning the baby's room. Will def. post a pic when we finish it.

Now I have to go grocery shopping and then lay down...not feeling so great lately. But will bounce back soon.

ps. I created a Facebook page- come join me!! It's a great way to interact on a more personal level with me. Hope to see you guys there :)

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