October 31, 2011

Money Shots

Mondays aren't usually the best blogging days for me, and seeing how I pulled an all nighter working on business stuff (until 4am), I was more zombified than usual...fitting seeing how it is Halloween. But I have all sorts of random images on computer so I hereby declare my Monday posts as random personal image diary stuff...or something like that. I like the term money shots better, but unfortunately it has a dirty connotation to it. Oh well- let's commence, shall we? Images from top to bottom:

1. Rack of yet to be worn clothing and current clothing on rotation - my $14 rack from Target is buckling under the pressure of so many clothes- that's what I get for being thrifty.

2. Current favorite items- amazing crushed velvet bellbottoms by American Gold; fave vintage belt; metal cuff and macrame knit sweater from Nastygal; awesome teal velvet halter babydoll dress by Betsey Johnson; vintage white crochet maxi skirt.

3. DIY jewelry- earrings, hand harness and shoe harness. Have so many more planned out if time allows.

4. What is this strange metal contraption? Some sort of weird, scale model of a torture device? Well- that remains to be seen, just thought I'd pique your interest.

5. Perfectly chunky thrifted red boots. Takes me back to the 90's.

6. My unworn tie dye Litas acting as shelf decor. Two more are on t he other shelf.

7. Me trying to come up some semblance of a costume- ended up with some goth, Morticia Addams, victorian look- and I didn't even end up going to the party we were planning on. However, I discovered I really like cat eye liner at the moment, and I'm oddly intrigued at how I look in black lipstick. Might start working this into my everyday wear, with a less intense effect.

8. Favorite nail polish colors at the moment. The burgundy, red and metallic ones are unreal. I keep painting my nails those same shades again and again.

9. The best licorice candy ever, courtesy of Cindy whom I'm determined is trying to make me a sugar addict like her. It's working.

10. Stack of magazine yet unread- got some more floating around elsewhere. I haven't had time to read anything lately- unless you count emails.

11. Pile of rings- that gold knuckle one is killer, but as long as my whole finger!

12. Me probably trying to work, but getting distracted by etsy (current obsession) or Angry Birds.

Gotta run- hope everyone has as safe and awesome Halloween! Love to see some pics of everyone's costumes.... or candy

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