October 14, 2011

Shine on Me

chiffon dress
Dress- Reverse; Harness- DIY; Shoes- Dolce Vita; Necklace-Forever 21
chiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dresschiffon dress

Thought I'd lady up a bit and pull out this dress before it got too cold again. The weather has been so temperamental that I wake up not knowing if I'm supposed to be wearing a sweater or a tank. I've got a nice little collection of sweaters going that I plan on cozying up in all winter, if the damn weather would cooperate with me. Speaking of sweaters, yesterday I got a bug up my ass for some reason and got the urge to remake some of my clothing....starting with turning my sweaters and tops into off the shoulder style. Why? Because they're better that way. I have a big thing for anything slouchy, oversize, off shoulder and floppy. So I ripped the necklines of a bunch of items, cut off the bottoms of some; planning on revamping some shoes, a jacket, etc. I find myself wanting to stud/spike and tie dye everything lately. And I want to make a bunch of jewelry. But of course, not enough time for all that, plus I always get distracted and leave projects half finished. Hello, ADD.

Anyhoo, this dress is by Reverse and I got it from a UK website called Yayer, which has some awesome stuff. The minute I saw it, I knew it had to be mine- leather (faux) bustier with chiffon skirt? The right combination of girly-meets badass? Yes, please! Had my name all over it. Of course, I couldn't just leave it as is, so I added my DIY harness and boots, just to keep it from being too frou frou. Attempted to get some fairy-esque flying-through-the-air in a whirlwind of hair and chiffon photos, but ended up looking like I was simply jumping off the rocks. Which I was. A model I was not meant to be.

Happy Friday everyone!

*FYI: if anyone is planning on purchasing this sweater from Romwe, be forewarned that it is not as oversized as it appears. I bought it with the impression that it would be a slouchy, oversized cocoon type sweater, a la Topshop, but in reality, it is fairly small and somewhat fitted, with normal sweater sleeves, instead of larger, balloon shaped ones. I do like it, however, I was a bit disappointed. Especially since it's labeled as "one size"... larger girls will likely have trouble fitting into it. But the other sweater I bought was awesome. Although it too, was a bit different than I expected. Just thought you should know.

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