October 5, 2011

Creature of Comfort

Sweater-vintage; Shirt/Pants-Forever 21; Boots- Dolce Vita; Hat- Volcom

A couple days ago I was bitching because of the blistering heat and now lo and behold, winter has finally arrived in the form of rain, wind and 60 degree temperatures. Love the season, however, I tend to always forget about how sensitive I am to weather changes, so now instead of being saturated with sweat, I'm chilled to my bones. Oh well, that's where hot chocolate, down comforters and steaming hot baths come in. Oh, and layers. Lots of layers. Something about cold weather makes me want to dress in the floppiest, chunkiest and oversize pieces of clothing I can find. Hobo status pretty much.

I've been looking for perfect black ankle boots and these suede ones by Dolce Vita fit the bill perfectly, especially the $30 price tag, no joke. The downside however, is suede is so hard to keep clean and nice, bleh. I thought this vintage sweater was beyond cool when I bought it, and these checkered pants I got when I first started working at Forever 21 days ago; brings back memories of the punk/grunge/skater days in which I grew up. And of course, a beanie, to cover up my I'm-much-too-lazy-to-do-anything-with-it hair.

Speaking of hair, you might notice the red is back more prominently again. I tried bleaching the lower half and was originally going for blonde, but I'm way to impatient to wait for it to reach that shade, which would probably have required multiple applications; thus I re-dyed it with some red dye I had left over from previous jobs. Love the flaming look, although I do find it kinda clashes with some of my clothing. Kinda wishing I had done my whole head, though.

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