October 26, 2011

Leopard and Plaid

Jacket/shorts/bag- Forever 21; Mesh top- thrifted; Platforms- vintage; Jewelry- misc.

Ok I know I said last post that it was my fave outfit, but I think I have a new contender (I'm sure I'll be saying that often). I've always loved mixing prints (I"m sure everyone knows by now) and this plaid jacket with the sheer leopard mesh top is the perfect combo for me. The little cross chain on my hand I made right before I took these. I took apart the necklace from the last post to make earrings, which came out cool but didn't look right, so I made the harness. Like I said previously, I'm on a pretty big DIY kick lately. And if you haven't noticed, I've finally climbed on board with the "sheer top with just a bra" look. I've always loved it, but thought giving birth twice doesn't give you a body like Gisele so I couldn't pull it off. But then I thought "screw it, I'm gonna do it anyway". Don't worry, I'm not turning into one of those 300lb Walmart chicks with the tube top- no bra- bleached hair, black roots look. I simply have come to realize that after all my years of being self conscious (short, Asian, average build, pointy chin, etc), I've finally come to a point where not only have I accepted my looks, but I'm happy with them, and I'm comfortable enough now to wear more clothing (or less, depending on how you look at it) and feel okay with my body. Sure, I have my days, but so does everybody. But I've always loved fashion, and being close to 30 (that's right! not 16!) and a mother of two is not going to stop me from having fun with fashion. I definitely don't have the mentality of "Well, I've got a husband and two kids, might as well throw on the muumuu and let myself go". Far from it. I'm having fun now with fashion more than ever. And yes, I do go out in public without makeup or my hair done, but I attribute that to laziness more than anything else.

Enough rambling about my age 'n stuff, I sound like I'm heading to the grave soon.

Check out the vintage shoes- pretty cool, buh? Love the cutout wedge and the kitty applique, but man, are they slipperier than an eel to walk in. These were def not ideal shoes to wear in this location, but then again, I've never had good sense of when to wear the proper shoes. Oh, and I was so flippin pissed when taking these. Some douchebag comes driving up all the way to the end where I was obviously taking photos, proceeds to get out of his Mercedes (probably mommy's) and lean his ugly, scrawny, shirtless body up against his car and light up a cig (or joint, whatever) and leer at me. Seriously? Could you be more creepier or obvious? Did he honestly think I'd be flattered to have him watching me? Ew. I was so pissed I jumped into my car (my big diesel truck, actually) and proceeded to let him know how I felt by burning out and leaving him in a huge whirlwind of dust and rocks which I hope he choked on. Dude, I don't get what is up with guys and personal space and being creepy and stuff. I need to start carrying a gun with me.

And if this post isn't long enough already, Mike totally vetoed the nose ring idea. He said the same thing about my eyebrow, but likes it now. Oh well, he said I could get a new tattoo, so I'm happy. But I need ideas. Show me what you've got!

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