July 11, 2011

What A Long, Strange Trip It Has Been

Sheer blouse- vintage; Tank- thrifted; Shorts-Forever 21; Shoes- Steve Madden; Hat- Target

What a summer so far. I'll spare you the details, but when they say (I'm still not sure who "they" are) that things usually happen in threes, they were wrong. At least in my life anyways, things happen in sets of six or more.

Anyhoo, I'm back on my house decorating fixation. My problem is I have too many ideas and I'm completely indecisive about everything. And I have no money. I made the mistake of telling Mike I was giving up clothes/shoe shopping in exchange for home shopping. We'll see if I can keep that promise! Anyone know of any home stores online to browse through? Artsy, modern, contemporary, etc., they're all good, so let me know.

Should have my giveaway set up for this week, so check back soon! Also, I'm a bit late on this since I was sick, but the mysterious Fashion by He has featured me as his HottHe of the Week! Very flattered to be included. Check out the mini interview here. Keep in mind I'm horrible at interviews, even written ones.

ps. after reviewing these photos, I noticed two things: 1. I need to iron my clothes; 2. I need to learn to pull both socks up at the same height.

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