July 25, 2011

Melting Pot

Polka dot top- thrifted; Tank top, shorts, sunnies- Forever 21; Scarf- thrifted, Shoes- Nine West

It was so unbelievably, scorchingly hot when I took these photos that afterwards I stripped everything off... I have a really low tolerance for heat. I'm loving this sheer polka dot top, it's so floaty and light, I've been pairing it with everything from this outfit to maxi dresses. The quilted shorts from Forever 21 are too comfy and cool, and the scarf is one of those bandanna halter tops that I removed the string from. Check out the shiny architectural heels, aren't they awesome? They're Nine West, and I thrifted them for like $20 bucks when visiting my sis awhile back.

So the table and chairs I'm sitting at were from my kitchen. They were given to me and aren't really my style, but we need a temporary set up on our patio until we get new furniture... that glass top weighs about 50lbs. and is really big and awkward...so of course I thought that I could single-handedly move it from my kitchen down two steps and lift it back onto the base. And I was right. But getting to that point was an ordeal. Why I didn't get help I don't know. It's a wonder I don't fall down more, lol.

Oh, the bbq for our shop grand opening was an awesome success, we're all stoked at the outcome and excited about the future. Life is good at the moment. Would be better with new shoes though, haha!

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