March 6, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I'm back from my anniversary/birthday getaway in Reno. Didn't get rich gambling like I hoped, and although we scoured three or four antique shops as planned, I left with nothing. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I liked that I couldn't decide so I didn't buy anything, which of course I'm kicking myself for now. Oh well, maybe I'll get shoes instead. Some quick pics I took on the trip:

the famous sign

dog circus act...why can't my dog do that?

gorgeous Bob Mackie Barbie doll

my newest obsession- vintage perfume bottles. saw so many gorgeous ones; going to start collecting them now.

another new obsession- masks

this was serving set for creamer and sugar and such. such a beautiful set! and expensive!

the real deal- for almost $5,000

came thisclose to buying these tables, but Mike talked me out of it

almost bought these lamps too, but wouldn't have anywhere to put them at the moment.

why was I not informed that there was a Barbie magazine? I adore Barbie- wish I had that gold mermaid one!

I had no idea this elephant was a phone until I loaded these pics- now I wish I had bought it!

I love hanging lamps- love this one for the Moroccan feel it evokes

I have a ton more photos, but fear it would end up being a ginormous post. Now I'm on a mission to find more cool stuff online. I am repeatedly changing my mind on how I want my house decorated, but now I believe the current theme is "vintage" :)

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