April 3, 2010

Pack Your Bags Contest

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. Things have not been going well at work, so I haven't been up to posting. But I'm better now! And I have a contest for you lovely readers! Summertime will be here before we know it and many people choose or are able to afford to travel during the warm weather months (unfortunately I am not one of those people) so I thought a travel inspired contest would be fun!
Here are the rules to enter:

-Entrant be a follower of this blog
-Entrant must choose one location to travel to and submit one (1) outfit photo reflecting the chosen destination. Backgrounds, props, etc are all encouraged!
-There must be a written description of what you are wearing, and where you would travel to and why.
-You may also choose to tell what items you would bring for the trip, what you would do or purchase once there, and who you would bring. This part is optional.
-Please submit contest entries to spilaczynski@gmail.com.
-Contest will run from today (April 3rd) to May 3rd. Once all entries have been received, I will post the entries and YOU READERS WILL BE THE JUDGES! That's right, you guys will get to choose the winner based on majority vote. Winner will be notified via email and if winner does not claim the prize (which will be posted later) within seven (7) days, then prize shall be forfeited and passed to the runner up.
-This part is not mandatory, but I would appreciate it if entrants posted this contest on his/her blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc as a show of support. Thanks!

So I will start this off by choosing to travel to Asia. Not just because I am Korean, but because I have always been fascinated with Asian art, cuisine, culture, and of course, fashion! Some of my destinations would include Tokyo, The Forbidden City, South Korea and Hong Kong. I would like to bring my whole family, but if I couldn't, then I would choose to bring my twin sister, Liana because she would appreciate the trip as much as I would. As for things I would pack: my Ipod, my laptop, my Friends DVD's (for bedtime, lol), a camera, my cell phone, and since I can never decide on which clothing to bring on any trip, I would have to bring whatever was the most outrageous, since Asian style is killer and anything goes! So to represent this trip (although it is a bit stereotypical, I admit), I chose to wear my awesome cropped jacket from Forever 21 with the mandarin collar, red and gold tassle earrings, and my silver hair stick which my sister Jina brought me when she visited from Korea last August.

Hope everyone will join and I can't wait to see some entries!

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