April 13, 2010

Goodbye For Now

Just found out today my store manager is moving next week to the East Coast. Big shock to everyone; it completely blew us away. I have had to say goodbye to so many people in the last few months, and with all the recent changes happening at work, it has been nothing but blow after blow. Don't think I can handle any more surprises. The upside to all the chaos is that my lack of caring about my outfits has actually worked to my favor. Normally, I rack my brains, scheming to put together some kind of ensemble, but lately I've managed to just grab pieces and throw them together and it comes out looking better than if I spent hours on it. Go figure.

Don't forget to enter my contest! Please don't think you have to go all out, this is just a fun little contest. I've had some people stressing on what to wear, but it's really not a big deal....just want to see some entries!

Oh, and I will be doing a FAQ's post, so ask away...you can email me or put it in a comment. No question is too personal, so don't be shy.

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